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Helix 5-In-1 Ultimate Fuel Additive is a proprietary formulation of complex organic compounds developed primarily to eliminate moisture contamination in fuels, with additives to improve the cleaning effect and cold temperature operation, increase lubricity and shelf life of the fuel, and modify the fuel itself to increase atomization and improve the fuel/energy conversion process.

What Is Helix 5-In-1?

Water: The Enemy of All Fuel

Fuel contamination is a fact of life. Water is the greatest concern because it is the most common form of contaminant. Condensation in a fuel tank is normal. As fuel is drawn lower in a fuel tank, warm moist air replaces the liquid volume, condenses on the cool walls of the tank, and then naturally flows to the bottom of the tank.

In all fuels, water (condensation) reduces the heat of combustion which means more smoke, less power, hard starting, rough idle, poor mileage and winter freeze-ups. A lot of water in the fuel can stop the engine cold. Characteristics of newer fuels like E-10 and E-15 increase the chance of water contamination, and the problems caused by water in these fuels can be serious.

E-10/E-15 gasoline absorbs moisture from the air and if enough water is present will phase separate. 40-80% of the ethanol will be drawn away from the gasoline, forming two distinct layers. The top layer is gasoline with a lower octane, while the bottom layer is a mix of water and ethanol that will not burn. This may ruin the carburetor or injector pumps and make an engine difficult or impossible to start.

Petroleum-based fuels are mixed with additives during the refining process to meet government mandates to lower pollution levels. Unfortunately the same agents used to make the fuel burn more cleanly also make it less stable; deterioration is noticeable in gasoline after 30 days. As fuel ages, asphatimes form, darken the fuel and eventually settle to form sludge at the bottom of the tank. Old fuel often also contains water contamination. Helix 5-In-1 solves these problems through its unique chemistry:


  • Contains complex organic stabilizers that hold petroleum compounds together

  • Contains burnable organic compounds that encapsulate free water

  • Encapsulates water and makes it burn

  • Upgrades fuel quality

Spend Time Riding, Not Repairing
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