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Removes Water Contamination
How It Works

Helix 5-In-1 Ultimate Fuel Additive’s unique chemistry eliminates all free water, which eliminates all water-related problems. It modifies the petroleum molecule, altering the burn chemistry for more complete combustion, which results in more power, better mileage and a cleaner emissions.


  • Atomizes fuel more completely and evenly

  • Reduces carbon monoxide emissions by 80-90%

  • Reduces unburned hydrocarbon emissions by 65-80%

  • Reduces oil fumes from 2-strokes and premix

  1. Helix 5-In-1 seeks out water droplets in the fuel system.

  2. It breaks the bonds between adjacent molecules.

  3. Helix 5-In-1 bonds itself to each individual molecule and encapsulates it with a combustible shell. The encapsulated water is dispersed throughout the entire fuel tank as an inner-phase suspension. Over time the water is removed as the engine runs, “burning” it off.

Cleaner Engines Are More Efficient

All engines suffer from a buildup of sludge, varnish and carbons. These sediments clog fuel lines, leave deposits in the fuel system and cylinders and may cause sticking rings. Helix 5-In-1 contains complex organic solvents that dissolve sludge, gums and varnish and prevent reformation of those deposits.


  • Cleans engines for easier starting, smoother idle, more power and better acceleration

  • Cleans carburetors and injectors for better mileage

  • Dissolves deposits on injector tips to restore the spray pattern

  • Dissolves asphaltenes and returns them into the fuel

  • Stops fuel line blockage

  • Stops fuel-related hesitation

Performance Engineered

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